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TAM Wind Turbine

TAM Wind Turbine is a gearless wind turbine that measures just 6 feet (1.8 m) in diameter, weighs 185 lbs (84 kgs) and produces on average 2000 KWh per year plus or minus depending on site location, height and wind speed in your area.

TAM Wind Turbine’s BTPS perimeter power system and unique design of multi-stage blades allows the system to react quickly to changes in wind speed. This ensures that the maximum wind energy is captured without the typical noise and vibration associated with traditional wind turbines.


The TAM Wind Turbine has an increased operating span over traditional turbines with a start-up speed as low as 0.5 mph (0.2 m/s), with an auto shut off at 42 mph (18.8 m/s), traditional gearbox turbines require minimum wind speeds of 7.5 mph (3.5 m/s) to cut in and start generating power and shut down at 35 mph (15.7 m/s). The TAM Wind Turbine is designed to be installed by a licensed/knowledgeable electrician wherever energy is consumed, turning homes and businesses from points of total consumption to distributed energy sources, in a cost effective and efficient manner.

TAM Energy has created a range of tools to assist in identifying proper site selection based on wind, rates and rebates.

Easy look up of US and Canada wind rates, electrical rates, rebates and incentives

Global wind statistic, predominant wind direction and wind strength analysis

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