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TAM Solar

Solar power has become a key driver in the market for renewable energy. The rapid development of Thin Film Solar energy technology has made solar power a proven alternative to conventional energy systems and the market continues to grow at a high rate.
TAM Energy’s unique knowledge and background throughout the entire energy conversion process takes advantage of the full potential of these technologies and makes the most of an investment in solar power.
TAM Energy is focusing on the two established technologies for the utilization of solar energy:

  • State of the art turnkey solutions for large-scale photovoltaic (PV)
  • Tailor made products and solutions for concentrating solar power (CSP),
    including solar fields, power blocks, and critical solar power systems

TAM Energy’s PV and CSP solutions are designed to meet customers' individual requirement needs, ensuring a clean, sustainable, and affordable supply of solar power.  As a global integrated energy infrastructure company covering the entire energy spectrum, TAM Energy also supplies consulting services from the outset of a project and, of course, the entire scope of operational support, maintenance, and servicing that ensures maximum life cycle of the solar power plant.

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