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Large Scale Power Production

With growing demand for electricity and renewable energy resources, solar power will continue to be an important source of energy in the world’s energy mix.

TAM is committed to building strong solar power generation systems that are proven and reliable. TAM energy supports large scale solar installations.

Large Wind Technology
TAM Energy works with selected partners to increase the performance and reliability of large wind technologies while lowering the cost of wind energy. Research efforts have helped to increase the average capacity factor (a measure of power plant productivity) from 22% for wind turbines installed before 1998 to 35% for turbines installed between 2004 and 2007. Wind energy costs have been reduced from about 80 cents (current dollars) per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in 1980 to between five and eight cents/kWh today.

To ensure future industry growth, the technology must continue to evolve, building on earlier successes to further improve reliability, increase capacity factors, and reduce costs.

During the past two decades, many sources have worked with the industry to develop a number of prototype technologies, many of which have become commercially viable products. Today we can build 200 MW projects with more to come.

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