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How TAM Solar Works

TAM Energy utilizes their solar systems to complement our other renewable energy sources, such as TAM Wind Turbines or TAM Power Generator systems.  The solar acts as either the primary backup or, in some cases, depending upon the surrounding and environment where wind may not be available in the sufficient quantities, then solar may act as the primary source with battery backup.

1st generation pv represents over 90% of today's solar infrastructure (silicon panels). Of course, 1st generation technologies have been around much longer than thin film photovoltaic technology and has gained a significant foothold in the market in that time.













2nd generation photovoltaic thin film pv is a relative newcomer to the solar family.  Recent progress in photovoltaic development, the industry has been categorized into, 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation pv.

These three categories reflect certain milestones and the order in which each concept has become generally accepted.  Thin film pv is the 2nd generation, meaning it's the generation that comes after the silicon solar panel. A new and cheaper but less efficient type of solar collector has literally broadened the horizon for solar by collecting spectrums of light that are not visible to the eye and exist even after dark!

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