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Unique Bulbs

batteris control

A sleek thermal management system regulates the LEDs’ temperature for longer life.

Our special dimmer is built into the bulb ensuring that our bulbs will dim on your current dimming switches without needing to upgrade.

You’ll notice that our bulbs don't look like the others. We’ve designed our bulb to minimize material used, to create lower cost more eco-friendly bulb. Two added benefits of our design – we pass the material savings on to you and our light-weight bulbs work well in track lighting.

Specially designed lens diffuses light and creates a unique firework pattern.

Unique, cutting edge high efficacy and high brightness LEDs.

Our thoughtfully designed circuits, ballasts, LED driver and components work together to achieve maximum lumen efficiency.

Our standard lamp base and bulb will fit into all E26 sockets, standard recessed cans and gimble rings. Ensuring an easy upgrade from your existing light bulbs.

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