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Superior Lumen Maintenance

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The red line.
"For white light LEDs providing general illumination, the definition of useful life is often given as the hours of operation at which the LED's light output has decreased to 70% of initial output."1

Why 70%?
"The selection of 70% is based on vision research indicating that in general lighting applications, the 'typical' human eye does not detect the decrease of light until it exceeds 30% [light lost]."

1. " LED Luminaire Reliability" U.S. DOE | Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy

What is lumen maintenance?
Simply, lumen maintenance is how bright a light source is compared to how bright it was when it was new.

Why is lumen maintenance important?
As you can see from the chart above, all light sources gradually dim as they age. CFLs and incandescents burn out before their loss of light is noticeable.

On the other hand, LEDs do not burn out but gradually dim until their light output is no longer useful. Therefore, having an LED bulb with high lumen maintenance means a longer bulb lifetime.

TAM Energy lasts longer
The combination of specialized LEDs and the unique design of our bulbs leads to not only a longer useful life, but a brighter useful life.

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