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TAM LED Lighting

The invention of the incandescent bulb brought affordable illumination to the world and changed the way we live. But with population growth and new energy needs, it is now time to change the way we think about lighting. Energy Efficient lighting by TAM Energy is the way of the future.

Traditional Light Bulbs haven't changed since the Edison days, but innovation in light bulbs has come a long way. The light bulb industry has seen relatively minimum change for the last century but we believe the next century will be different. Today, the lighting industry is in a remarkable state of change and much of it has been driven by Government actions, supported by the business industry.

TAM Energy uses the latest in lighting technology in both Tubular and Standard bulbs. Compact Fluorescent Lights are now moving towards High Power LED Bulbs which utilize the latest LED technology.

For the past century, wattage was the way people have described the brightness of a light bulb. A 40-watt bulb for example, requires 40 watts to provide the correct amount of light output. A lumen is the best way to describe the light output of an LED bulb.

A 40-watt incandescent bulb requires 40 watts to produce 500 lumens. The TAM R30 LED produces 525 lumens, but only requires 6 watts – that saves over 85% in energy use!

Lumens & Wattage
By definition, a light bulb works by taking electricity "energy" and uses it to
create light which is then measured in lumens. The amount of
energy used by the light bulb is called "wattage.”

If every household replaced just one 40-watt incandescent bulb with a TAM Energy R30 LED bulb, it would prevent 5 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions per year and save almost $400 million in annual energy costs.

Internationally, laws are being passed by many Governments to replace all inefficient incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient light bulbs. The savings in energy and money are significant.

TAM Energy LED Lighting is leading the way to the future in lighting.

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