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TAM Batteries

One of the most important parts of a Renewable Energy power system is the battery bank. Most RE battery banks use flooded lead acid deep cycle batteries due to their cost effectiveness and energy efficiency, not to mention they are 100% Recyclable.

TAM Energy’s deep cycle 12-volt batteries are frequently used by top Renewable Energy power professionals across the World. TAM Energy brand Batteries are designed for hours of heavy discharge each night, followed by a recharge each day. Renewable Energy batteries must be able to provide long periods of deep discharge each evening, followed by a full recharge in the wind or sunlight hours each day. This can be grueling on substandard batteries.

Our 12-volt solar batteries will store about 1 kilowatt-hour of useful energy, to produce more and the required power; your alternative energy system will most likely require wiring several batteries together to create a battery bank. Wiring several batteries together will give the convenience of having sustained power for many electric appliances throughout the evening hours or when wind and sun are not available.

A TAM Energy deep-cycle battery is designed to discharge between 50% and 80% depending on the manufacturer and construction of the battery. Although these batteries can be cycled down to 20% charge, the best lifespan vs cost method is to keep the average cycle at about 50% discharge, as there is a direct correlation between depth of discharge on your battery and the number of charge and discharge cycles it can perform.

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