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At TAM Energy our motto is to “Reduce and Produce” meaning to reduce the amount of energy current used by innovative new technologies such as LED lighting and Produce clean renewable energy without further damage to the planet.  TAM Energy is committed to a ‘greener’, brighter tomorrow.  Energy demand is going to increase with the population increase and as developing countries look to continue their innovation and development.  TAM Energy will help provide solutions and innovation to meet the demand while still providing responsible stewardship of the natural resources.

We can make a difference, we can change.  We must!  Technology exists and continues to improve.  We must be willing to change:  the cost of energy includes building power plant (usually coal or nuclear) fuel for power plant (coal, oil, nuclear rods) cost of transmission to use (power lines) and maintenance.  Alternative energy, usually solar or wind, has the cost of the solar panels or wind turbine and if at “point-of-use” there is no transmission cost (or loss*).  A distributive power production model where the power is produced as close to the usage point as possible increases the efficiency of alternative energy and adjusting out the subsidies that coal and oil receive would make green energy cost competitive.  Solar and wind technologies are renewable and do not produce CO2 or harmful byproducts to the planet.  These are the technologies TAM Energy manufactures and supports.

* typical electrical grid, power lines lose 20% of energy (grid has to be changed)

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