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TAM Wind Turbines

  • Complete installed system | (discounted on multiple system installs)
  • Most efficient certified Wind Turbine on the Market
  • Can be installed almost anywhere
  • Quiet
  • Wildlife Friendly
  • No gears or motors resulting in low maintenance high efficiency

The TAM Wind Turbine (marketed and warrantied in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico as “The Honeywell turbine by TAM”) produces clean renewable energy where the energy is used, at your home or commercial building. 

The small size of the Turbine allows it to be installed almost anywhere instead of in large wind farms.  Large cities, rural houses and everywhere in between can benefit from the Turbine.  The technology in the Turbine, the same as utilized in aerospace industry and by NASA, makes the Turbine the most efficient certified Turbine available.  The Turbine begins producing power at 2 miles per hour of wind speed.  The Turbine is a gearless wind turbine that measures just 6 feet (1.8 m) in diameter, weighs 185 lbs (84 kgs) and produces on average 2000 KWh per year plus or minus depending on site location, height and annual wind speed.
TAM Wind Turbine’s BTPS (Blade Tip Power System) unique design of multi-stage blades allows the system to react quickly to changes in wind speed. This ensures that the maximum wind energy is captured without the typical noise and vibration associated with traditional wind turbines.  For use in residential or commercial applications the Turbine has full UL and CE certification allowing it to connect directly to the grid or to supplement power in the home or commercial building.  Off grid applications are also possible.  The shroud around the blades make the Turbine highly visible to wildlife and also make the Turbine very quiet.  These are two of the most common complaints of traditional wind turbines. 



TAM Energy has created a range of tools to assist in identifying proper site selection based on wind speed and flow.  TAM Energy also will assist in obtaining rebates and tax incentives offered on federal, state, municipal and utility.  Many of these rebates are based on the amount of power produced, as they should be, with the high efficiency of the Turbine this means your green dollars go farther with the TAM Turbine. 

The TAM Turbine is offered at $15,000.00 which includes the following:

  • Turbine
  • Power Inverter
    • Either Smart Box, Aurora, or DC direct depending upon application
  • 1 Mounting system from following
    • Wood Pole up to 35 ft* (metal pole or additional heights extra)
    • Quad Roof Mount
      • Ballast Mount
      • Roof Box
      • Direct attachment
    • Telecommunication or large tower mount
    • Obtaining required permits
      • Engineering
      • Architectual drawings
    • Installation including crane, lift, excavation (must be located within 40 miles of major city as defined by XXX)
    • All miscellaneous hardware, wiring, fuzes, switches as required by permit obtained to complete installation.  (includes 200’ of wiring)
    • Discounts available for multiple Turbine installations. Reduction in invertors required, and installation costs.
    • In the US, Canada and Puerto Rico unit sold as Honeywell Turbine by TAM and comes with 5 yr limited warranty.
  • Compare to Solar or other certified Turbines and based on actual power production TAM Turbine is the lowest cost green energy available (prove us wrong and we will take this down).

There are several options to connect the Turbine: 

non grid tie

Direct DC battery Charger

grid tie with battery backup

Mounting the Turbine



You don’t want to have to worry about maintenance and that’s why there is no mechanical maintenance required.  Clear leaves and debris from the shroud, if by trees, 2x a year and that’s it.  No gears or motors so there is nothing to maintain.  It is recommended to replace the spindle, looks like bicycle tire spokes, every 8 years so call us for replacement quote and we will do it for you.  It's that simple.

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